Stay away from leaf blassers and foliage suckers!

The fall is there and spreads a colorful leaf carpet.

“Leaffall, leaffall – colorful leaves everywhere,” children sing these days. Autumn is there and spreads a colorful leaf carpet on our roads, paths and green areas.

But can not everywhere and should the colorful leaves be left. Sidewalks, for example, must be freed from it so that no one slips. To make it possible to make it possible to grab green space office and groundwoods for motorized furniture or foliage suckers. But thus they harm the environment and their own health.

Foliage vacuums are loud and pollute our air

These devices often have a sound level of over 100 decibels, which is about as loud as a compressed air hammer. This noise not only harasses human and animal neighbors, but also damages the health of the person using the device. Foliage blower or foliage vacuum cleaner also emit exhaust gases such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide that pollutes our air.

Foliage vacuum damage of soil biology

And not only that. The soil biology is also severely impaired by leaf suckers. The devices not only suck on the wilt. Even the small animals important for the soil like spiders and insects advised in the so-called. They are tabled and killed. Plant seeds are destroyed. When leaves and branches no longer rot on the ground, neither humus still form nutrients. Small animals living on the floor such as worms, insects, spiders and small mammals lose food and habitat. And the floor is robbed of a deck layer that protects it from dehydration and extremely cold.

Until comfort, mortality blanks and leaf suckers bring only disadvantages with themselves. The federal government is therefore urgently advisable to grab rake and rake. They come from without harmful exhaust gases, make no noise and leave nature alive. And by the way, man also does something for his health: he moves more.

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