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The selection of meat alternatives- often also called meat replacement- in the cooling counters of the super and bioma markets grows constantly. In addition, there are numerous non -or only slightly processed foods with which animal -free alternatives to burgers and Co. can easily be produced.

The best meat alternatives

Simply try it out with these ten alternatives. After all, there are good reasons, such as environmental protection, health benefits and, above all, avoiding animal suffering. Meat alternatives, especially homemade, are often not only very healthy and resource -friendly, but above all ethical

Ready -to -eat meat alternative products

Almost all super, organic and drugstores as well as discounters and even more special vegan online shops offer a growing selection of meat alternative products. There is something for every occasion and taste.

The vegan variants of sausages, lyoners, sliced or schnitzel usually consist of one or more protein sources, drinking water, oil, spices, herbs, salt and thickening agents such as currant. Soy, followed by wheat; But also pea or rice protein, lupins and millet are also used.

It is definitely worth trying it out for everyone who wants sausage and Co., but do not want to cause animal suffering.

Homemade meat alternatives

If you want to feed vegan, but do not want to do without old favorite dishes, you can do so without finished alternative products thanks to numerous vegan cookbooks and vegan blogs. With the following ten meat alternatives you can become creative yourself and convert old but loved recipes into a vegan variant.

Many foods are ideal as a meat alternative – including many full -fledged, which score with a high nutrient content. You probably already have some of them in the refrigerator or pantry. So put it right away

Soy quark, as Tofu is also called, is not only a classic base material for finished meat alternatives, but also for preparation at home. Tofu delivers plenty of protein and, due to its neutral taste, offers a range of possibilities. It can be a vegan alternative to eggs or dairy products, but also to meat products – regardless of whether they like it sharp, sweet and sour or spicy.

Very finely crumpled and seared, he provides the basis for vegan bolognesesaucen, chili sin carne or other dishes that are to be prepared without hack. Finely pureed and seasoned vigorously, brats can also be used, e.g. B. for burgers. You can also squeeze it well, cut into slices, fry, bake and marinate, simply eat or use it as a sandwich covering.

Tofu production is similar to that of curd or cheese – only without animal suffering. The soybeans often come from Central European cultivation, for example from Austria, France and Germany.

2. Smuchertofu

Tofu u. A. Smoked in the so -called frictional screen method [1]. This gives SHRUCHERTOFU a fine-spicy smoke note and is often a bit saletier than classic tofu.

Smuchtofu is suitable for cold or fried as a bread covering and as a ham or bacon alternative. Cut in cubes and possibly fried crispy, it fits perfectly with vegan quiches, hearty stews, over salads, to vegan frame, stirring, stirring, on pizza, in creamy pasta sauces or on grill skewers. Finely grated it also gives roastlings from tofu or beans a hearty taste.

3. Temph

Temeh traditionally consists of entire subdued and peeled soybeans fermented with mushroom cultures, which are pressed into a block. It originally comes from Indonesian cuisine. In the meantime, variants made from lupines can also be found.

Due to the fermentation process, Temph is easy to digest and also worth a try for those who do not tolerate soy. Another plus: the fermentation increases the availability of the nutrients in the soybeans. So be sure to be brave and try on Temph.

Temh is available pure or marinated. It tastes fried with vegetables, in the salad, as a bread covering, fried as a bacon alternative, in curries or breaded as a schnitzel alternative. Finely crumpled and spicy, it is also a good alternative to hack, e.g. B. in Tacos. If you don’t like the slightly bitter grade, steam the Temph before roasting it.

4. Seitan

Seitan consists of wheat protein (gluten). In consistency, Seitan is a little bit more bite -resistant than tofu and z. T. slightly fibrous. It is therefore often used to manufacture finished meat alternatives. For example, there are “Mock Chicken” or “Mock Duck” made in the Asialads of Seitan. Seitan Find

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