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How Real is Reality?

How Real is Reality?

A Look Behind the Scenes of Our Perception

The question of reality has been preoccupying humankind since time immemorial. What is real? What is illusion? Where does the objective world end and where does our subjective perception begin? In this blog post, we want to explore this fascinating question and shed light on different perspectives.

The Constructed Reality

Social scientist Paul Watzlawick argues that our reality is not simply a reflection of the objective world, but a construction of our own perception. Our senses only provide us with an incomplete picture of reality, which we supplement and interpret through our experiences, memories, and expectations. This creates an individual reality that is unique to each person.

The Limits of Perception

Our senses are not designed to capture reality objectively. They are geared towards certain stimuli and filter out most information. For example, we only perceive a small part of the light spectrum that surrounds us. Our ears can also only hear a certain frequency range.

The Power of Interpretation

Our brain constantly reinterprets the information provided by our senses. Our experiences, expectations, and prejudices play an important role in this process. What we see, hear, and feel is therefore not only a reflection of reality, but also an interpretation on our part.

The Diversity of Realities

The realization that our reality is a construction of our own perception leads to the conclusion that there is not one reality, but many different realities. Each person has their own reality, which is shaped by their individual experiences and prägungen.

The Importance of Subjectivity

The fact that our reality is subjective does not mean that it is arbitrary. Our experiences and interactions with the world influence our perception and contribute to shaping our reality.

The Influence of Culture

The culture we live in has a great influence on our reality. It shapes our values, norms, and worldview. For example, people in different cultures may perceive and interpret the same events quite differently.

The Question of Truth

The realization that there are many different realities calls into question the question of truth. Is there an objective truth that exists independently of our perception? Or is truth just a matter of perspective?


The question of reality is complex and cannot be easily answered. However, the realization that our reality is subjective opens up new perspectives and invites us to see the world with different eyes.


What experiences have you had that have changed your view of reality? To what extent does your culture influence your perception of the world? What do you think about the thesis that there is no objective truth?

Further Information

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  • Ernst von Glasersfeld: Radical Constructivism: A Way of Knowing and Learning. London: Routledge, 2003.


This blog post is just an introduction to the topic of reality. There are many other aspects that could not be covered here.

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